About us

ASU’s Learning Engineering Institute aims to transform learning environments and experiences to empower equitable student engagement, improved learning outcomes, and success across large, diverse populations of learners. Drawing on behavioral, design, computer, and data sciences, the LEI advances research and development around educational technology to develop data-informed, technologically enhanced innovations in learning and instruction. The LEI’s transdisciplinary approach includes systematically collecting large-scale learning data while respecting data privacy, analyzing data to make better predictions, and rapidly iterating new approaches to improve outcomes.


Four threads are woven through all LEI projects and work.


Developing scalable infrastructure to support agile data analytics and empirical investigations that inform and support learners, instructors, staff, and administrators striving for equitably enhanced learning outcomes.


Developing evidence-based measurement and predictive analytics that reveal assets, needs, and trajectories that drive successful learning outcomes.


Developing technologies guided by transdisciplinary, collaborative learning engineering approaches that are scalable across domains, contexts, and populations, to improve student outcomes, success, and well-being.


Developing learning assessments, technologies, and environments that support well-being and successful outcomes for all students.